Broken Dreams


Ink & Gouache on A3 250 gsm Buff Paper.


20 x 16ins  Framed, mounted with glass, which can be subsituted with Perspex for Postal Delivery.


I completed a number of ink and gouache works whilst isolated during Lockdown, they were based on an old Crown Ducal Tea Service called Orange Blossom, vibrant and distinctive looking art deco style.


 I imagined the tea service shattered into fragments almost mosiac like in appearence, and began to produce the various work, I found the process calming and focused, which helped with my fluctuating mental state, art therapy.


The product can be picked up at our studio in Newcastle upon Tyne or contact us before purchase if you need delivery, so we can calculate the cost of this for you or if you prefer you can arrange collection via a courier/Royal Mail paying and arranging it yourself.


Miru Art Studio will not be liable for any loss or damage once the product leaves the studio if you chose to arrange your own collection/delivery. 


Any questions please feel free to ask through our contact page.

"Broken Dreams" series.